Friday, May 28, 2010


I can’t help that I love you,
And I can’t help that I stayed.
I can’t help that I saw the best in you,
And I can’t help that I forgave.
I can’t help that for you I’d give my all
And I can’t help that I’ll always be there to break your fall
I can’t help that no hate resides in my heart,
And I cant help that when you left, you took a part…
Of me. A part of my being
But I can’t help that love is still alive
And in my heart, it’s still beating.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


"I Love You” didn’t escape my lips today
But it lingered in my head,
And it lounged around for hours.
Reminiscing on the times when our eyes met,
But no words were exchanged.
It danced around on my finger tips
As they strolled across your back,
And slowly surfed the contours of the most beautiful
Face I know.
Like a foreign dialect,
We spoke in a language that only us two understood.
So, after the I, the Love, and the yous roamed perfection,
It entered my heart,
And gave it a great pace
A remarkable taste
On my tongue.
Lips puckered up,
I Love You landed,
so softly upon it’s match.
Like a feather onto cotton,
It found you.
It found what the stars shoot for
And it found what rainbows stretch towards
Love found Hope.