Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekday Get-Away

Strumming my skin like the strings on a guitar,
You’re teasing my flesh both near and far.
Internally and externally I want to scream.
Not often does this happen; Oh yea, once in a dream,
Have I had to hold my breath to keep from explodin’
I’m adoring your fingertips, enjoying the strokin’
Of an unfamiliar palm, an unfamiliar hand
We barely know one another, and already I’m in lover’s land.
A magical place where wildest dreams and fantasies come true
With every soft kiss, the more I’m wanting you
To be in me, within these warm walls,
Every textured article, I’m yearning to take off.
To provide you with a French vanilla canvas,
Needing nothing more than you sweet kisses and handprints,
All over my body, especially in the middle.
Causing my hips to rotate, and my soul to tremble.
Consciously, I’m not wanting to give in
But I can’t deny the way you’re fittin’
Beside, on, around, and in me
I’m the lock that opens only to your key.
You unleash a world of excitement and wonder
Thrusting deep and long, both in attempt to feel the thunder
That’s is arising from your love below.
What once was a trickle, has become a steady flow
Of emotion, of desire, of restless needing
To become one in such a sensuous meeting.
Missionary, riding, and a back-shot or two
With heavy breathing and slow kisses, our moment is through,
Cradled in your arms, all three of us are happy and sleepin’
Thoughts of this weekday, have my wondering and anxious for the weekend.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Yea, I Be On it

I be on that Bullshit.

He be like, “I’m tryna come over and kick it.”

I be like, “you can do more than kick it.

You can take it, and you can taste it, and you can

Do everything, but forsake it.”

In my mind, all is well;

I want him close enough to smell

The sweet fragrance I sprayed on the inside of my knees.

But far enough that I can talk my shit and play the tease.

I be on that Bullshit

He be like, “I’m tryna come over and chill?”

I be like, “you can do more than chill.

You can lick me up and lick me down until’

I’m all filled up and ready to spill.”

In my mind all is well;

I want him close enough to tell

Me how peaks of my breast rise and fall taking in deep breaths

But far enough that I can talk my shit and play the damsel in distress.

I be on the Bullshit.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Wanted So Bad!

He called me, and I answered.
I wanted so bad to make him a part of my world;
Wanted him to enter gently, mess up the place;
Cause a little disturbance, bring a smile to my face.
I wanted so bad for him to take me back to where our love met,
The long days and private nights of calculated kisses and cold Moet.

He called me, and I answered.
I wanted so bad for him to cum and never leave;
Wanted him to relax, sit back, and thank the heavens above
For the perfect fit; nestled tightly in me like hand in glove.
I wanted so bad for those moments to last until eternity,
So I’d never have to reminisce, and only be left to a memory.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I think of those lost days of what seemed to be so perfect
I get lost in the past; get lost in reminiscing.
Knowing that life has no rewind button, I push to move forward.
Not letting go because I want to
But, better yet, because I have to.
Your heart no longer beats to the sound of my drum,
So I’m giving up.
I hate those words of defeat,
But what’s a girl to do…
When the man she loves,
No longer loves her?

The Many Reasons

Seconds into minutes, minutes into hours.
Clouds turn to gray, and sprinkles turn to showers.
It’s the way the world turns, the way the cookie crumbles.
Friends turn to enemies, whispers elevate to mumbles.
But hey…
What can I say?
Same shit, different day.
A short life I’ve lived, but many lessons, I’ve learned
No need to be worried, no need to be concerned.;
With circumstances you cannot maintain,
With circumstances you cannot change
You live and you learn, you get up and rearrange
Your friends, family, and every priority.
Making yourself majority, and not the minority.
It’s normal to wonder, it’s normal to guess.
To put your heart on the line, on a constant guest.
For joy, for bliss.
For the ultimate happiness.
In due time, this too will come
But patience first, you must succumb.
Sometimes not a tear, or a cry can explain
The turbulence in life we must sustain,
So make life easy on yourself, and hold it’s hand ever so tight
Be conscious of your wrongs, but remember there’s no way to do it right.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love, who?

Love is a game for winners and for losers;
For the givers, the beggars, and the choosers.
Love resides in heart of the lost,
Seeking to find this feeling at any cost.
Love loves the loveless
Love touches with the sweetest caress.
All bundled up, Love loves you up and then sits you down
Love has a funny way of sticking around.
Love is lost, just seeking to be found.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

God Gives Me Hope

God gives me hope that nothing is impossible
God gives me hope that my prayers will be answered
God gives me hope that by pressing on, I will prevail

No feat too difficult for my God
So at night, with tear stained pillows,
I pray.
I pray hard
And I know that no matter of the heart is too tough to solve.
Hanging on to an undying belief,
That someday and that someway
What seems impossible will be possible.