Saturday, March 27, 2010


I can't remain faithful to the emotion called Love.
Tried it before, then it reminded me of,
It's uncontrollable friend, named heart-ache
Giving so much, only to have it take, take, take.
So, love is my main squeeze,
Yet, I'm tempted by a new face, tempted by a new tease.
I has another feeling.
It has another name, and it has a funny way of stealing,
a fraction of what's supposed to be undivided.
Love has my heart, but love keeps me undecided.
Making up my mind has become easier said then done.
Despite the excitement, I wanna stop the infidelity and make love my number one.
But, first i have to shake this greed within my system,
Turn up the volume, and get back into the rhythm.
No more tip-toeing around, No more hidin' and sneakin'
giving love it's rightful attention, and proving a reason
For love to love me back, so that I no longer need another
Companion to fill love's void; no need for the other
Emotions that were only a quick fix;
Nothing more than a resemblance.
Fakes, phonies, frauds; all of the above
Mistress after mistress couldn't compare to my first love

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bright and Early , I arose this mornin'
With your Love on my mind .
I must have dreamt of you in my slumber.
'Cause your voice was speakin' and you hands were waunderin'.
Your eyes were searchin within me!
Yes. You were my initial thought,
and you left a stain that couldn't be erased.
Your love, like oxygen dispersed by mother nature ...
Living because of you.
Living to inhale your splendor.
Sitting on the edge of my bed, I look to the heavens,
Simply Thanking God for you.
Thanking God for my thoughts of you.