Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I think of those lost days of what seemed to be so perfect
I get lost in the past; get lost in reminiscing.
Knowing that life has no rewind button, I push to move forward.
Not letting go because I want to
But, better yet, because I have to.
Your heart no longer beats to the sound of my drum,
So I’m giving up.
I hate those words of defeat,
But what’s a girl to do…
When the man she loves,
No longer loves her?

The Many Reasons

Seconds into minutes, minutes into hours.
Clouds turn to gray, and sprinkles turn to showers.
It’s the way the world turns, the way the cookie crumbles.
Friends turn to enemies, whispers elevate to mumbles.
But hey…
What can I say?
Same shit, different day.
A short life I’ve lived, but many lessons, I’ve learned
No need to be worried, no need to be concerned.;
With circumstances you cannot maintain,
With circumstances you cannot change
You live and you learn, you get up and rearrange
Your friends, family, and every priority.
Making yourself majority, and not the minority.
It’s normal to wonder, it’s normal to guess.
To put your heart on the line, on a constant guest.
For joy, for bliss.
For the ultimate happiness.
In due time, this too will come
But patience first, you must succumb.
Sometimes not a tear, or a cry can explain
The turbulence in life we must sustain,
So make life easy on yourself, and hold it’s hand ever so tight
Be conscious of your wrongs, but remember there’s no way to do it right.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love, who?

Love is a game for winners and for losers;
For the givers, the beggars, and the choosers.
Love resides in heart of the lost,
Seeking to find this feeling at any cost.
Love loves the loveless
Love touches with the sweetest caress.
All bundled up, Love loves you up and then sits you down
Love has a funny way of sticking around.
Love is lost, just seeking to be found.