Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekday Get-Away

Strumming my skin like the strings on a guitar,
You’re teasing my flesh both near and far.
Internally and externally I want to scream.
Not often does this happen; Oh yea, once in a dream,
Have I had to hold my breath to keep from explodin’
I’m adoring your fingertips, enjoying the strokin’
Of an unfamiliar palm, an unfamiliar hand
We barely know one another, and already I’m in lover’s land.
A magical place where wildest dreams and fantasies come true
With every soft kiss, the more I’m wanting you
To be in me, within these warm walls,
Every textured article, I’m yearning to take off.
To provide you with a French vanilla canvas,
Needing nothing more than you sweet kisses and handprints,
All over my body, especially in the middle.
Causing my hips to rotate, and my soul to tremble.
Consciously, I’m not wanting to give in
But I can’t deny the way you’re fittin’
Beside, on, around, and in me
I’m the lock that opens only to your key.
You unleash a world of excitement and wonder
Thrusting deep and long, both in attempt to feel the thunder
That’s is arising from your love below.
What once was a trickle, has become a steady flow
Of emotion, of desire, of restless needing
To become one in such a sensuous meeting.
Missionary, riding, and a back-shot or two
With heavy breathing and slow kisses, our moment is through,
Cradled in your arms, all three of us are happy and sleepin’
Thoughts of this weekday, have my wondering and anxious for the weekend.

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