Saturday, March 27, 2010


I can't remain faithful to the emotion called Love.
Tried it before, then it reminded me of,
It's uncontrollable friend, named heart-ache
Giving so much, only to have it take, take, take.
So, love is my main squeeze,
Yet, I'm tempted by a new face, tempted by a new tease.
I has another feeling.
It has another name, and it has a funny way of stealing,
a fraction of what's supposed to be undivided.
Love has my heart, but love keeps me undecided.
Making up my mind has become easier said then done.
Despite the excitement, I wanna stop the infidelity and make love my number one.
But, first i have to shake this greed within my system,
Turn up the volume, and get back into the rhythm.
No more tip-toeing around, No more hidin' and sneakin'
giving love it's rightful attention, and proving a reason
For love to love me back, so that I no longer need another
Companion to fill love's void; no need for the other
Emotions that were only a quick fix;
Nothing more than a resemblance.
Fakes, phonies, frauds; all of the above
Mistress after mistress couldn't compare to my first love

1 comment:

  1. love it! its real hard to stay committed to Love especially since my girl Summer is going to be home soon ;)