Thursday, April 1, 2010


I was once with this guy, Imma call him Joe for privacy's sake.
A smooth talkin'-walkin' brotha, with bread that was easy bake.
Made to order. Louis Vuitton, Minnolo, Polo, and Purple Label.
Had a mean tongue game. Feasted on me like he was at the turkey-day table.
Joe was the kind of guy who would give it to me good.
Had me doing things that I said I never would...
Do, but that was before the late night back-shots
Loud Knockin, Body rockin' Sex so good, neighbors got to call the cops.
Yea Joe was that nigga With a dick that couldn't get no bigga.
But Let me not call him that, 'cause he was a real cool dude.
Provided an open ear and mind when I was in a pissy mood.
So on one occasion, he picked me up like any other day
But With Joe, even the ordinary seemed out of the way.
I strapped in to make sure I was safe and secure
While he put on his YSL stunna shades to add to the allure
of the rainbow skies and my curly mane blowin'
All the while I'm not knowin'
Where Imma end up, or where we goin.
Just along for the ride, doin nothin' but enjoyin'...
What I saw in this fly ass automobile
Thick Lips, bright smile...ooh, if his looks could kill.
Oh, you thought I was gonna mention the plush carpet and wood grain
I'm not a gold digger. Money's a plus, but it aint my thang!
And when I say "it aint my thang" that doesn't mean I can do without,
Its just not a factor in deciding who takes a trip down south.
But back to Joe, and this ride we took.
I asked, "Baby, where we goin'?" No Response, just a look.
So with that look, I simply sat back in my seat,
Propped my legs up, and let the dashboard cradle my feet.
With a quick right turn, and an abrupt stop
We were there, we had reached the top
of a hill, with a sight comparable to heaven.
Joe turned to me and questioned, "I bet you never been beyond these earthly skies
Reached peaks higher than those other guys?
I shook my head no, but then obliged
To enter a realm of a sensual high.
Giving him my hand and total control.
Delicate kisses planted. I surrendered both body and soul.
I thought to myself, "could this really be happening?"
Could this man have me completely open,
like textbooks in a 6th grade class,
Seeing right through what I thought was tented-glass.
Must be, because before I knew it
Joe had me singin' my part in our own love duet.
Hittin' high notes in a capella
When I rain, I pour. I needed an umbrella
To catch this precipitation that was heaven sent
Like mixing the Goose and Patron, I was bent,
Over and ready to receive what stood at attention
I was submissive to him, the sheet I was drenchin'.
He cuffed my body like a ball in a catchers mitt,
and Like a big girl, I was taking it.
Giving him my all, giving him my best
Giving him something better than all the rest.
I wasn't his first, so I had to make a lasting impression
Job well done, cause he popped the magic question.
I didn't answer, but smirked and let out a breathy sigh
thinking,"I forgot to warn him of the power of my P-U-S-S-Y

-thanks Joe lol


  1. Awwww pollys a freak lollll it was tight tho... Well written!