Monday, April 26, 2010

I Wanna Love You

Not Quite sure of what to think about you;
I mean, I wanna love you, I really do.
Feeling ways un-descibable by any adjective,
All I know is, that with you, I want to live.
Live for today, but especially for tomorrow,
My heart or my mind? Which one should I follow?
Two paths; both ending in the same place
On my trip, you've become my short-cut to a better space.
So, am I in "Like" with you?
Not quite sure, but I wanna love you, I really do.
Much more complex than three common words
This feeling I have cuts deeper than double edged swords.
When my lips curl; it's because of you
I wanna love you, I really do.
When my thought drift, they focus on you
I wanna love you, I really do.
I've been here before, or at least it feels somewhat familiar
Heart and mind confused, but I know I'm really feelin' ya
Please don't make me regret,
Erase the emotions, and forget
How I feel about you.
I like you, I think I love you,
Or at least I want to
I wanna Love you,
I really do.

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